Bats Kill More Children in Brazil

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vampire bat 245x300 Bats Kill More Children in BrazilAnother child, the fifth in a row of four children whose cause of death diagnosis according to the Peruvian health experts is rabies, is dead after being bitten by vampire bats.

There is an ongoing outbreak as 15 other adults are dead because of the disease which primarily affects the brain and the nerves. It is caused by the rabies virus and so the attack made in the body spreads fast as well as the transmission.

Additionally, a concerned health personnel has revealed that in the said locality, 3,500 individuals were already bitten by the nocturnal animals and added a warning that the mortality rate could surge at a fast rate because of the price and inaccessibility of the vaccines to be used as the prime defense.

Records showed that the children who died belonged to the indigent groups inhabiting near the border of Ecuador. The attack is subsequently believed by some local folks¬† to be associated with climate change and the destruction of the bats’ rainforest habitat.

Help has already been sent in the area and vaccinations are being done. However, some local folks are refusing the offered treatment.

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  1. Charles Higely

    I beggars logic to claim, for no logical reason, that a viral disease such as rabies is exacerbated by supposed climate change. A rabies outbreak can occur at any time.

    Of course, this is bogus as, first, it would take a lot of research to possibly show this effect and, second, since we are not warming SUCH A CONNECTION IS IMPOSSIBLE to make.

    I suggest that they try to fix the problem – wipe out the infected colony – and not try to fix the blame, wrongly.

  2. Dear Menchie,

    Can you please explain what this situation has to do with global warming, climate change or whatever the next marketing effort will be called?

    You cannot just throw in that non sequitur and go with it, for cryin’ out loud!

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