Breakthrough in Multiple Sclerosis Revealed

Jan 6th, 2011 Health. RSS 2.0.

multiple sclerosis 300x225 Breakthrough in Multiple Sclerosis RevealedA major breakthrough in the field of Multiple Sclerosis has been revealed by a group of scientists from the universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh. This research published in Nature Neuroscience has found out that a molecule called RXR-gamma is important in myelin repair.

The breakthrough, as acknowledged by supporters and campaigners involves the identification of a mechanism crucial in the regeneration of myelin sheaths. In people who suffer from MS, the loss of myelin sheath means further damage on the nerve fibers of the brain.

Professor Robin Franklin of the MS Society’s Cambridge Center for Myelin Repair at the University of Cambridge remarked, “Therapies that repair damage are the missing link in treating multiple sclerosis. In this study we have identified a means by which the brain’s own stem cells can be encouraged to undertake this repair, opening up the possibility of a new regenerative medicine for this devastating disease.”

Multiple Sclerosis is a known neurological disorder that has affected millions of people in the world.

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