IPhone 4’s reception issue continues to burn

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IPhone 300x294 IPhone 4’s reception issue continues to burnThe jokes were on Steve Jobs after he declared that there is a proper way in holding the iPhone 4. This was due to the decline in reception whenever you hold it on the lower left side of the gadget. Nonetheless the iPhone 4 is still one of the hottest pickups in the market nowadays.

Since its release last Thursday, the iPhone easily became the must-buy for gadget junkies as the sales reached over 1.7 million handsets as of Saturday, making it the most successful product launch in Apple history.

But with all the success of the IPhone 4, still, many people complain about the signal loss and still many say that the problem in the reception is due to a design flaw. Jobs’ simple response to complainants who emailed him was, “Don’t hold it like that.”

According to AntennaSys, we can’t blame it all on Apple but also the FCC. The FCC tells the telecommunication companies that in creating mobile phones; the antenna should be farther away from the head as much as possible, which means that the Apple placed the antenna on the lower part of the phone. This would then be often touched by the hand and as Webb wrote the reception could be interrupted merely by touching a pair of tiny slots near the bottom corners.

Many IPhone reviewers reiterated the issue saying that the problem in reception in the IPhone 4 may make the speeds of the data slower and it would be very difficult to connect voice calls especially on weak signal places.

Ben Patterson, a technology writer for Yahoo! News, noticed a slight improvement of reception when he holds the IPhone 4 with his fingertips. But as he hangs around his living room, which is a low signal area, the reception kept declining making a voice call difficult to initialize.

With these problems at hand, there were also suggestions on how IPhone 4 users could improve the reception problem in their phones. One suggestion was buying one of Apple’s $30 dollar Bumpers. This bumper encloses the IPhone 4’s outer edge. Another suggestion, which people find non-elegant, was wrapping the corners of the IPhone 4 with electrical tapes.

There also rumors about the Apple making something that would improve the quality of reception of these gadgets. It has been rumored that Apple is making a firmware update that enables IPhone 4 users to enjoy good receptions. It has also been rumored that the Apple is planning to release it by Monday. It was like a slap in the face for the UK’s daily mail after reporting that a recall was going on. This was based from the ceoSteveJobs tweeter account, a sort of parody of Twitter account.

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