Project 2500: Russian super heavy cargo plane to target the business from ship transport

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Project 2500 300x191 Project 2500: Russian super heavy cargo plane to target the business from ship transportLargest State Scientific Center of Russia in cooperation with the company ‘Beriev’ has started the development of super heavy cargo plane. The plane has been given the working title of ‘Project 2500’. Victor Kobzev, CEO of Taganrog Beriev Scientific Complex said that the estimated duration of this project is 15 to 20 years.

Superplane will be able to carry out non-stop transatlantic flight with a large volume of cargo. “Earlier, it was a dream, and now we have all the required technologies for its implementation. Though, there are engines available overseas which are capable of carrying such a plane”, said Kobzev.

He said that the cargo transport market is growing, even despite the crisis, by 3 to 5% a year, so soon the global transport companies can not perform with the traditional cargo planes.

“We look not only at the market of bulky air cargo, but we are also targeting to get the chunk of ship transport”, – summed Victor Kobzev.

However, he did not elaborate even approximate characteristics of the new airliner.

It must be recalled that other developments in the aviation industry are also taking place in Russia. Russia recently tested the first fifth generation bomber. By the end of 2010 three such aircraft T-50 are scheduled to undergo trials.

In addition, Russia has also developed a new spy plane code-named product 476 on the platform similar to A-50 (IL-76MD). It is expected that it would ensure the detection of bombers at a distance of 650 km, fighter aircraft at a distance of 300 km, and ground targets such as tank columns at a distance of 250 km.

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