Scared of Dioxin Exposure: China bans German egg and pork imports

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dioxin scare exposure Scared of Dioxin Exposure: China bans German egg and pork importsIn connection with dioxin scare related to exposure of German poultry and meat products to the poisonous chemical, Chinese authorities have imposed a temporary ban on the imports of German pork and eggs, reports Deutschland Funk, with reference to the Chinese food safety authorities.

The ban came into force on 11 January. Besides, restriction on imports of poultry produce and livestock from Germany was also enforced in South Korea. Presence of dioxin in eggs and meat chickens, exposure to which can lead to cancer, was detected in early January.

After this, Germany had temporarily closed more than 4700 poultry and pig farms. On January 11 suspicion about the presence of dioxin in German pork was also confirmed: as test results of meat from a farm in Lower Saxony showed excessive contents of this poisonous substance.

All the pigs in this farm are expected to be culled. Meanwhile, according to German media, in late December, meat of about 100 pigs from this farm entered the retail stores. Experts are also analyzing the meat in several other breeding farms in Lower Saxony.

It has already been established that dioxin entered eggs and meat through the livestock feed, which was supplied by a company Harles & Jentzsch from Schleswig-Holstein. For making the feed Harles & Jentzsch used the remnants of synthetic fatty acids obtained from biodiesel. The case is under investigation. Meanwhile, losses incurred by the German agricultural sector, exposed to recent dioxin scandal, are estimated to be around 100 million euros.

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